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News Six Ways to Treat Your Leather Goods
Six Ways to Treat Your Leather Goods 19/09/20141. Do not wash your leather with regular detergent. It can cause dried and/or flake leather.
2. Do not spray perfumes to your leather & suede goods. Alcohol in perfumes contain oxidate that can cause change in colors.
3. Keep away your leather goods from water. Do not let it exposed to direct sunlight after incur by water. Wipe off immediately with dry tissue.
4. Position your leather goods under 5 watt neon lamp. It can keep your items from color change and fungus.
5. Keep your leather goods inside dust bag(s) and inside a plastic. The use of plastic can cause ruptured leather due to heat.
6. Hang your leather & suede goods. Do not fold them. Folding can wrinkled leather and change leather"s original contour/shape.
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