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Il Nostro is a spa (treatment) for leather and suede goods like handbags, shoes, wallet, jackets, watch straps, belt, and all other goods are made of leather and suede. The treatment is not limited to wash or clean, but also to re-coloring and coating (leather covering).1. Cleaning (clean your leather & suede items using environmental-friendly and highly expert cleaning techniques)2. Touch-up (re-touching your leather & suede items by adding a closest color match to the original color of your items on targeted stained/affected area(s))3. Recoloring (rejuvenate your stained, scratched, moldy, or faded items using sunray/light gleams)4. FREE Covering/Coating (all treatment receive leather covering or coating for FREE! Coating procedures can protect and preserve your leather & suede items to enjoy for many more years to come)Aside from being the highly trained and expert in leather and suede treatment, Il Nostro is the laundry and dry cleaning expert on clothing that made of silk, wool, cotton, rayon, and sequined. Il Nostro can also do linen care for curtains, pillows, blankets, bed covers, as well as wedding or party dresses.Il Nostro has an international standard quality with chemical and machines that are all imported from Italy.Started from 2010, Il Nostro has paid special attention on health and environment aspects in running its daily business.This can be seen from the HYDRO CARBON Machines used for the washing process, whereby chemical used will not turn to toxic materials after processing and will not damage the ozone.
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